Since she was young Rachel has been drawn to textiles, with a keen eye and enthusiasm for colours and textures as well as her DIY attitude, Rach started off self taught. She is now a fibre artist and weaving teacher based in her hometown of Melbourne. Screen printing, dressmaking, latch-hooking, macrame and tapestry weaving have become a part of her everyday practice. 

During her weaving workshops, Rachel creates a platform for adults to reconnect with play and imagination, to slow down and rejuvenate in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. She aims to explore the powerful aspects of community, where knowledge and skills are passed on and relationships are strengthened through a mindful and exciting experience. Rachel values her efforts in building a warm atmosphere where others can find human connection though learning new techniques and artistry.

Rachel's philosophy is to give everyone the tools to open a door to a lifetime of creativity, a skill once learnt is yours forever, and we think that's a pretty good investment!

Rachel has been teaching workshops and growing her small business since 2013.