"The best arts and crafts class I've done! Rachel was such a wonderful teacher, explaining everything so simply and helping out everyone as we moved at different paces. She created a lovely atmosphere that was so fun to create in. I hope to be in another one of her classes sometime and cannot recommend this class enough!!" - Maeve July 2019 

"This workshop was professional, engaging and such good value. I am always nervous heading into a workshop, wondering what the quality of goods we will be using is like, wondering if the trainer is enthused, and if the environment is right - it was perfect! I could have stayed all day. Rachel from Wunder Weave was brilliant! We had a great time, learned new skills and walked away with our beautiful new wares. I can't rate with workshop and provider high enough. I'm already making my next piece at home and wondering who I can buy this workshop for as a gift for a loved one. I was such a great experience." Kate December 2018 

"Love love loved this workshop! Rachel was a brilliant teacher and visibly passionate! I learned so many techniques and fell in love with weaving. I went straight to the shop to buy yarn and made another 3 wall hangings already! 10/10" - Jacqui April 2018